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81 Lawn Mowers

Studies show that the average neighborhood in America has 81 lawn mowers. Each of these neighborhoods could easily get by with 3 or 4 lawn mowers total if all the neighbors were willing to share. Why is there a need for 81 lawn mowers? Each neighborhood could save $40,000 + following this concept.

Same holds true for the church. Why does every church in town need to have its own Divorce Recovery Groups, Awana Program, Concerts, etc? Wouldn't it be more effective for churches to jump "all in" and give 100% to what God has called them to do and encourage cooperation between churches and what they have been called to do? Not sure when "doing church" became a competition in America but I don't think it was ever God's plan.

There are some communities that do an excellent job at this, but I think they are the exception rather than the rule. Hope to see my neighborhood churches move in that direction in the near future to bring people closer to Him. Let's get rid of all the cheap junk that's done half-hearted and use our resources to give Him our best.